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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun with Photoshop

Nah, I must be wrong. Name of Paper Withheld would never doctor a photo THIS badly. I mean, that would be embarrassing. How could they ever live it down? People would be sure to notice and wonder what else in the newspaper isn't real.

Therefore, this is clearly NOT a bad Photoshopping job. Forget I mentioned it.


The Coconut Diaries said...

Is it weird that this makes no sense to me? I, literally, don't understand this.

Torq said...

What makes you think that is photoshopped? It looks real enough to me!

I also don't understand what on Earth that message is supposed to be saying!

Megan said...

The text below the photo says that the guy is protesting outside our local college because he was banned from a class and then expelled from his program.

The sign looks odd to me, like it was shopped in. But clearly that can't be the case.

Zach Bell said...

It does look odd doesn't it? It's pure light artefacts or any other discolourations...doesn't appear to be damaged in any way. What an incredibly immaculate sign.

Torq said...

Yeah... It is a little TOO white. But that could be part of the protest, right?

Megan said...

Well, it happens that I know this fellow. He probably didn't think it through that much. I met him the day he showed up in front of my office with a coffin. As staff came to work, he told them that people in our building are responsible for the death of one of our co-workers.

Anonymous said...

Normally a sign wouldn't be facing the camera straight on like this. And it would reflect the light or have an obvious bend in it where he's holding it. And the words on it wouldn't be this clear.

Compare the white of the sign to the whitest part of the background.

Zach Bell said...

Showed up with a coffin...I like this man already. I can't remember which comic said it but he was right. It would be a lot easier to remember where you parked if they put interesting folks like these throughout the parking lot instead of numbers and colours.

I parked by "having a debate with the cardboard box" guy. Where's you park? Coffin dude.

nicole said...

You have some pretty weird people running around in town ;)

Megan said...

I saw the photo in the dead-tree version of the paper. The sign has a suspicious black line around all four edges that's not as visible in the electronic version.

I'm changing my vote to "Photoshopped".

Remember, this is an industry where people get in trouble for reversing or brightening photos.