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Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Scary, yes, scary is the word."

Reader-submitted question: Why would you want to do an impression of this pic? Why would it even cross your mind?

I think a better question would be why I wouldn't want to do an impression of this, the greatest image in the history of modern photography.

I got the idea while I was at work about a month ago. Once I thought of it, I couldn't stop giggling. It was really fun to set up, although it turns out that this photo is harder to imitate than it would initially seem. I was trying to imitate the Hoff's come-hither look, but those photos were more disturbing than you can imagine. They did not look like they were supposed to be funny, even when I put them next to the original. They looked like they belonged in the type of magazine that comes in a black plastic bag. I mean, the type of magazine that I hear comes in a black plastic bag. Not that I go looking for magazines like that or have experience with that sort of photo. Not at all.

The point is that if you are thinking about posting a picture of yourself on the Internet, it probably shouldn't look like the sort of photo that I assume would be printed in that type of magazine. My dad reads this blog. And if you take soft-core pictures of yourself, it's harder to pass them off as a joke. So I decided to go with the Hoff's signature intense stare instead of the leer you see in the image above. You can only go so far with cleavage and boy shorts before people stop seeing the humour in the situation and start to get really, really freaked out.

Thanks for your question.

P.S. I am incredibly saddened by the fact that I had to tell you that this was a joke. Really, do I have to lay it all out for you? Why wouldn't you be able to figure this out for yourself? There must be some sort of treatment for Humour Impairment.


Nicole said...

That whole thing was a joke?
Like in "not serious"?
You could have told me that,..., sigh.....


Alison said...

I forgot to tell you that when we were visiting Germany we saw your Hoff pic everywhere... ;)

Megan said...

Just one more reason Germany is awesome. As if you needed another after seeing those dancing blonde girls in pigtails and really short skirts.

I suppose the next thing The Man will say is that the girls aren't serious, either.

-R- said...

Ha! You are crazy. In a good way.

Most Prepossessing said...

I enjoy seeing the photo again. It makes me laugh and laugh.

lisa marie said...

I was hoping you were joking. Too funny! your dad will be proud!