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Monday, February 18, 2008

Michael's crisis of faith

Dear everyone,

I made this video because I am pretty sure my mom is lying to me. Is the tooth fairy real or not? I think not. But I want you to tell me for sure, because my mom won't say.

From Michael


Anonymous said...

It's a great question, Michael. (A really great question makes more questions.)

Before we can answer the question, we need to know what the words mean.
What does the word "real" mean? For example, are your dreams real? They are real dreams, aren't they?
How do you know whether something is real or not?
And exactly who is the tooth fairy? Can you describe her to us? And if you cannot describe her, how could we ever answer your question? That is, how can we know whether something is real, until we know what it is?


Anonymous said...

(for Mom, not for Michael)
Questions are not a crisis of faith; questions are the LIFE of faith.
It is true that the angels have no questions, but the angels have no faith (read I Corinthians 13).


Anonymous said...

All of this - and much more! - was covered in an episode of "Family Guy".