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Monday, February 04, 2008

Sa. Striel. Suh.

Reader-submitted question: Purple skirt?

What, you don't get in-jokes from 15 years ago and half a world away?

I am simply thrilled that my old friend Chad has found his way here. (Hi, Chad!) I haven't seen him in about ten years.

It happens that some of the clothes I wore as a teenager caught the eyes of the boys I hung out with in high school. The purple skirt was one of these items of clothing, along with a pair of black stretch pants (and I do mean stretch) and what was affectionately dubbed "the herb shirt". What can I say? It was the early '90s.

Special note to those readers who happen to be my parents: Never fear; they were not checking me out. They were commenting on my fashion sense. I am now more certain of this than I ever was.

I loved the purple skirt, but I am pretty sure that I got rid of it around the time I moved to the NWT. Too bad.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the purple skirt was a classic! And the way it used to blow in the wind outside of the "H'EE" while you waited to get onion rings that you would soak the grease out of with several paper towels - I haven't thought about that in ages!

I miss you all, hope you're doing well.

Love, Angela