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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good grammar is IN DA HOUSE

Reader-submitted question: Yo gramma' lay-dee! What are your thoughts on split infinitives? Are they bad grammar or poor style? Anxiously awaiting your wisdom.

Yo yo, WHAT UP? I got it, dawg, I got it.

I wuz hangin' wit me homeys when dey axed me howta split an infinitive. Yeah, I SAID IT.

Dis is gonna be real fast, 'cause I don' like leavin' my babies in da car too long. Split infinitives is awright, dawg, longas dey make sense, ya knowwhaddamsayin'? Yo! 'S long as da sentence is clear, it's totally cool.

Thanks for yer question. Now, are you gonna pay for my cab, or what? Somebody's gotta pay fer that!


nancypearlwannabe said...


Karen said...

WTF? Were you dropped from a great height?

A. said...

It's "dat," actually: "Somebody's gotta pay fer dat."