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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A quick note about tomorrow

Tomorrow's post will be written by a Secret Guest. I will be posting on someone else's blog. It is part of a blog swap involving writers from several different countries. What fun! I'll post a full list of participants tonight so you can check out all of the anonymous posts in the morning. The best thing about the blog swap is that you're sure to find at least one new blog that you really like. Remember that tomorrow's posts are swapped, so if you're looking for a new blog, make sure you read through several days' worth of posts.

I still have to work on my entry, so I will leave you with yesterday's episode of Cute With Chris, my favourite weekly Internet show. It shows the fallout from last week's episode, which was "flagged by YouTube's user community" thanks to Pervy the Perverted Plastic Horse. Pervy is not to be confused with Colty the Plastic Horse, who loves Jesus, pantsuits, towels and murder, not always in that order. In general, I think YouTube's "flagging" system works very well at keeping people from accidentally stumbling on graphic depictions of sex and violence. However, it would seem that Cute With Chris does not fall into one of those (admittedly general) categories, at least not on days when he's not severing his right foot.


Gifted Typist said...

This should be interesting... I thought about joining but felt a wee bit to busy to commit.

Amy H. said...

Totally off-topic, I think I saw your hubby at Timmy's on the weekend. He looks different in picture than he does in person... taller.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Megan, you're on "Cute With Chris!" He posted you on his blog!

Megan said...


Sample comments from the cult members:

I wonder if Meg really does impressions or if she thought that was a sexy viewer pic?

I don't quite see the resemblance. David doesn't have cleavage and Meg doesn't have pubes poking over her shorts.

This is a shoddy impression. Clearly, she needs a perm.

She could just be a sexy viewer, tainted by hoff-nastiness.

She will never be the Hoff.