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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Attention, PETA

Do not click on this link.

I'm really serious. You won't like it.

I miss my kamiks. I have Sorels now, and although they are great, the rubber split around -40. I put duct tape on them, but it doesn't seem to hold well in the cold, either. This was never a problem with my sealskins.

For the first few years we were here, we had matching boots that we bought at a tiny leather shop in Newfoundland the week before we moved Up There. We knew the owner really well (he was an artist who made beautiful things out of leather) and when we brought Michael back after he was born, he gave us a pair of tiny sealskin boots.


Way Way Up said...

LOL! Thanks for the link to my post there. I was always pretty cautious about putting up pictures like these in the past because I didn't want to draw hordes of PETA morons to my blog and allow them to use my humble blog as a soapbox to air their culturally insensitive views. Now though, after 5 years, I really couldn't care less what they think.

Nicole said...

I can't see those two pictures :(
The other ones come up.

Can't adopt the RSS feed either, sniff ;)