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Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Grampy,

There's no kids allowed to read this.

How would I be able to explain it when I don't even know what the tooth fairy looks like? I don't even know if she is real or not.

I don't believe in the tooth fairy. Nice try but I think you are trying to trick me. My dreams are NOT real. When you are dreaming, you only think it's happening, but it's really not. Someone's just tricking you and making it seem like it's real. But really it isn't.

My mom tells me things and then I just get the idea. Just like when my mom said she got me a Wii, so I don't need a DS. Then I knew that Santa Claus wasn't real. All of the adults were tricking me and the other kids. I think the tooth fairy is like that. I think it's a story that adults say.

I will never believe in the tooth fairy. I KNOW there's no such thing. TELL ME. TELL ME. There's no such thing as a Santa and no such thing as an Easter bunny. THAT EXPLAINS IT. THERE CAN'T BE ONE. Santa Claus is like the king and he isn't real. How can the tooth fairy be real?

From Michael
Problem Fixed


Jackie S said...


Maybe you can help me figure this out.

I see what the adults have to gain by telling kids that there is a Santa Claus: "making a list, checking it twice... naughty and nice" ... basically a bribe to get you to be good ...

And in return, you get presents. Everyone wins.

But how do the adults benefit from the tooth fairy story? You are going to lose the teeth anyways... it doesn't convince you to take better care of them... and no matter how "good" or "bad" you are... you still get a little something under your pillow.

Maybe you have a better grasp of this than I do. Why would they bother tricking you/us?

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
I like the things you have written here. But please, don't say that I am trying to trick you! I was only thinking about the question you asked.
I don't agree that your dreams are not real. Just because it's something in your mind, that doesn't mean it's not real. For example, the numbers you know are in your mind, aren't they? For instance, the number six is in your mind. You never saw a "six". You have seen six birds, or six dollars, but you never saw a "six", all by itself. The six is not real, in the same way that bird or a loonie is real, but the six is certainly real! You see? There's more than one way for something to be real. So your dreams might not be real the way a bird is real, but they might be real the way a six is real. That's why I asked you the questions about the tooth fairy. I was trying to see if she was more like a bird, or like a six. Maybe we can talk about this when you get to Florida.
I don't believe in the tooth fairy, either. I never did. (And I never told any child about the tooth fairy!) Do you think you will ever tell your son about the tooth fairy?
Do you only like true stories? Or do you also like stories that are make-believe? Why do you like them?


Michael said...

Dear Jackie,

I really like your picture.

Dear Grampy,

I do not know.

Gifted Typist said...

Dearest Michael,
I have send a letter to the Tooth Fair Association of Canada complaining about the behaviour of the fairy in my home.
She has persistently forgotten or been late. She breaks things and always gets into the bourbon closet. I am shocked at this behaviour and believe she should be subject to disciplinary measures and suspension of license to practice tooth fairying.
I hope you do not have to suffer the same.

Yours very sincerely,
Mrs. I.M. Cavity
Society for Better Tooth Fairies.