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Monday, February 04, 2008

If it wasn't for the ice fog... would be able to see that there is a path in the snow from my front door to Karan's front door. Unfortunately, it's too foggy to see across the street.

This photo is so awesome, it has been published on the Globe & Mail's website. Yes. That's how impressive my friends are. When they take photos, the professionals take notice.


scribe said...

I love this picture. Am also quite intrigued with the ice fog. My daughter, who's a sr. in h.s., is going to bring up the subject of ice fog in her science class as we had never heard the term before.

I really enjoy your blog. I so appreciate good writing and punctuation.

Megan said...

This photo is great, but I cannot take credit for it: I stole it from my friend Karan's site. We've been wanting to get a picture of the path for a while now, but this one is perfect because of the fog.