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Monday, February 11, 2008

I am famous

Steve called this afternoon and said that I was on the radio. Me! How exciting, eh?

Well, except that being on the radio isn't all that exciting for me, sort of like going to the office isn't that exciting. And also that it wasn't me on the radio.

It was a speech I'd written. Apparently it sounded just like me.

I don't write many speeches, but when I do, I like them to sound conversational. Most of this is in the delivery of the speech, but I really can't do much about the way a person reads my speeches. All I can do is write the words and hope that they sound good coming out of someone else's mouth.

I don't usually get the chance to hear really good speeches. It's fun to listen to the words someone else wrote and think about all of the work they put into it. People don't work on speeches much anymore; they put bullet points on PowerPoint slides and call it a day. YUCK.

It's best that I don't continue this discussion any further. (Hello, Forces of Evil.)

Since my dad is taking a starring role around here now that I'm starting my own religion, and since I'm talking about speeches, I will provide a link to his weekly sermons. They're quite good.