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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car?

Reader-submitted question: Does Rebecca Eckler post on your blog?

Like what the fuck to you care? I mean really it is like you are stalking her and shes a PERSON damitt!!! I am so completely applaled by what a loser you are! It sounds like you read her books adn that makes you a STALKER!!! You are all LOSERS!!1! I;m just saying.

Rebecca is in Cancun and like I siad before I don;t know her and we arent feriednds and she didn't do the blog swap and she doesnt' post on my blog. She is a WEORKING MOTheR and she neesds her rest!

And like woudl you all just cool it with asking about my ex-freind who works for a newspaper and is a bitchy blonde because I am TOTALLY not to going to tell you who it is because some people dont' deserve to be freinds with me. I mean if someone doesnt always want to hand out with me all teh time on my schedul that means they are a bitch and especial if they never ask about the baby. But i am already on the high road here and so I am not going to stop to her level and say her name even though I JSUT KNOW she would do it to me in a seocond!!! I am classy, get it.

Si O really wish you losers would all just stop asking me about her when you all KNOW she doesn't post here. I mean why WOULD she. I know who posts here dammit and none of them are super-hot or super-skinny like she is they are all ugly fatties whho could probably kill her just by sitting on her.


Anonymous said...

If you sat on Rebecca Eckler in a forest and nobody heard her scream, could you take her Prada purse? I don't want her tank top, because I'm not tiny enough to wear it, but I'm thinkin I could use the purse. I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I had to google Rebecca to find out who she was!!! I am obviously well out of touch. It doesn't sound like I have missed much though!?

Karen said...

My eyes hurt. And my brain. My brain and my eyes.

Please stop.

We get it. Eckler's a loser who desperately needs a spell checker, an editor, and a life - not necessarily in that order. Please stop tormenting your non-Eckler readers with this tortuous drivel.

Oh, and way to go, sbs!