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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take no prisoners, only kill

Reader-submitted complaint: I don't like Fleetwood Mac. And I NEVER liked that Landslide song. And there should be no such thing as a Fleetwood Mac fetishist. Those words should NOT go together.

Ah, how the pendulum swings!

You don't like Fleetwood Mac? How unfortunate. So I'm guessing you don't like it when I make references to their music. In fact, you must hate this whole blog.

You will probably be relieved to learn that, as far as I can Google, there is no such thing as a Fleetwood Mac fetishist outside this blog. You will be protected out there on the Interweb. It's only here on my blog that you'll have to be concerned.

I'm happy I could put your mind at ease. See, everyone wins.


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Megan said...

My very first spammer! I feel like a celebrity!

Thank you, IP address 125.136.40 from Korea! What's the weather like at latitude 37, longitude 127.5?