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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or...I mean, uh, NICE OUTFIT!

What is the proper etiquette when it's October 31 and you're not sure if a person is wearing a costume?

I was at the coffee shop yesterday, where two women caught my eye.

One was wearing a straw-blonde wig and far too much eye makeup. However, I wasn't able to determine what she could possibly be dressed as: Britney Spears? (Nope, no Cheetos in sight.) Paris Hilton? (Nope, no crabs in sight.) I watched her surreptitiously for a while, trying to figure out if this was her normal outfit or if she was making some sort of post-modern statement.

The other was dressed as a naughty A&W lady. No, this does not make sense, which is why I thought at first that it must be a costume. However, I quickly remembered that A&W ladies are not exactly a common fetish like nurses or police officers, so I then thought that it must be the woman's work uniform. That was before I realised that this particular outfit would likely be some sort of health-code violation if worn by a professional in the food-service industry. It was also not the sort of thing any normal person would be wearing at this time of year in Name of Town Withheld.

I mentioned this to a friend while we took our kids trick-or-treating, and it turned out that she had had a similar experience earlier that morning. However, she hadn't been confused: she had been fairly certain that the person was in costume. (It turned out to be the person's normal clothes. Yikes.)


b*babbler said...

Ooh, we had this experience more than once yesterday.

Then again, there was also the large group of teenager trick or treaters in what appeared to be their regular clothes using the backpacks as trick or treat bags. Ahem.