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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy birthday, Holly


holly said...

What an honour. Truly.

I squealed with delight during the dance break in the middle. All those pelvic thrusts and hip shakes... is it hot in here???

Torq said...

hmmm... broken link? I can't see any crazy hip thrusting, but, considering the image below, perhaps it is all for the best!

Comma craziness... I have a habit of separating my sentences this way and can't remember if it's correct. A little head whacking from LMKIA's machete? *by the way I am imagining a crazed Tarzan-like person when I say LMKIA*

Torq said...

Whoops... it's up... but I am still not watching it!

The Blueberry Princess said...

Heh, it's a good thing I played it for you then!

Dr. Bad Ass said...

Hmm. Hasselhoff. Hot.

OK, you're tagged with the 7 things meme. See my blog for the details . . .