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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm so afraid of the way I feel

Steve has asked me to do a poll about his new hair cut. I am sick today and vulnerable to suggestion, so here goes.

First, look at this photo. It is the way his hair looked yesterday morning. It was long and shaggy, but somewhat more fashionable than my dad's 1973 'do.

Now, look at this photo. It is the way his hair looks now. He went to a stylist who cut his hair and then convinced him to bleach random hairs on the top of his head. I do not want to know how much this cost.
I have made my opinion known, but Steve is a believer in the wisdom of crowds.


Anonymous said...

Bleach? No, I think the stylist is encouraging early greying. (Was that too harsh?) I think he should get those bleached hairs dyed an outrageous color like blue or red or green.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... In my circles I'd say he looks like one of those hapless older guys trying to look current for the younger crowd.

Megan said...

I suggested last night that he should dye it blue. If you're going to look ridiculous, you should at least pretend that you WANTED to look ridiculous.

Another reader has suggested that I should drug him and shave his head.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, it looks great.