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Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Maybe if we tag-team her she'll take all of the Hoff pictures down."

Reader-submitted complaint: You have a very dry sense of humour. I can't decide if you're a pitiful girl from the sticks or if you're an extremely cool, ironic Toronto type.

Well, I can't decide which of those things is worse.

You are not the first to say that I have a dry sense of humour. This is why I had to banish Uriel, after all: my own cousin thought that I was picketing outside vaccination clinics and sacrificing muskoxen in the name of banana-based proofs for the existence of God.

I have also had a number of questions about my true opinion on this photo and others like it:

Yes, that is David Hasselhoff. Yes, he is almost naked. Yes, he appears to be halfway into or out of some sort of drag outfit. Yes, I adore this photo.

I really don't know what to tell you guys. Isn't it obvious why I love the Hoff?


A. said...

Speaking of dry senses of humor, I horrified everyone in my last class the other day. At the end, one guy asked me what I was doing next. I very casually said, "Having a few beers, then hopping in the car to get my kid from daycare."

I kid you not: a bunch of people whipped around and looked at me with their jaws hanging. The person that asked laughed nervously and said, "Um, okay, Britney. You're not really going to do that, are you?"

I thought it was absurd enough that I didn't have to smile or laugh as I said it.

Karen said...

I believe my exact words were, "I can't tell if you are a post-modern ironic sort of downtown Toronto wannabe, or just a hopeless girl from a small outport town who doesn't get it."

If I'm going to be cannon fodder for the blog, I would appreciate an accurate quote (as, I thought, you would!) as the implications are rather different from the re-phrasing's.

Torq said...

Sighs... Now I think of my sister whenever I see stuff like this.