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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They just keep coming

Reader-submitted question: Where do the reader-submitted questions come from?


Am I missing a Fleetwood Mac reference, or is this serious?

Readers submit them. Seriously.

Some of them come in through the comments box. That's probably the easiest way to send me questions. Others come through e-mail or MSN. A few come through face-to-face contact with readers, but most of my readers live outside Name of Town Withheld.

You can never know why other people do things, but the people who ask questions appear to fall into a few broad categories:

People who want something from me. The Fleetwood Mac fetishists are obviously members of this group, but I can't forget the passive-aggressive folks who are trying to force me to address my issues. I mean their issues. THEIR ISSUES.

People who need grammar advice. You guys are great. Without you, I might start to think that I have not made any lasting impression on the world.

People who have legitimate questions. I love you guys too. I often feel like I put all of myself into this blog. You remind me that I don't.

People who are hoping to change my blog. I usually think these are funny. Sometimes I'm not sure if they're questions or complaints, so I have to take my cue from the person's tone. Admittedly, this is an inexact science, because although the complaints tend to be over-the-top weird, they are not personally offensive. I think this is because almost all of the complaints come from readers with legal training who have forgotten how to relate to other human beings.

HA HA! That's just a little joke! Don't sue me!

Keep the questions coming. They make my day.


-R- said...

Here's my question: What is your e-mail address? =)

It's not too late for the blog share/swap, but I need to have your e-mail address so that I can tell you where you will be posting. E-mail me at andyouknowwhatelse at gmail dot com.