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Friday, November 17, 2006

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me to put this? Remember my son?

Well, we've already established that he's a Pete Seeger and Randy Travis fan. But it doesn't stop there. I am a bit nervous about revealing this, so I might as well just jump into it. If you are, for example, my mom, you might want to stop reading.

This is...ummmm...

*deep breath*

This is Billie Joe Armstrong. I am not entirely sure how Michael became a Green Day fan. I do have a feeling that this is not going to go over well with my mother, who spent a lot of time during my teenage years talking about a "hidden song" on one of my brother's Green Day albums. She was not sure what it was about, but she was certain that whatever it was, it wasn't anything good.

Good heavens, you would think that his nervous system was already scarred from years of substance abuse.


Mom said...

I just went to You Tube to hear Green Day and the first 2 songs I listened to were ones I've always LIKED! That being said, I'm sure some of their songs are not appropriate for young children. Mom