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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another reason I love Canada

I PROMISE not to mention Rick Mercer except to note that this is a clip from his show.

Okay, who around here knows who Pierre Burton is?

*looks from side to side*

You guys make me sad.

Pierre Burton was a journalist and a companion of the Order of Canada. Geeks like me will be interested in this collection in the CBC Archives. He died in 2004, and his CBC obituary is here.

Before he died, Mr. Burton appeared on the Mercer Report with a celebrity tip. This appearance was especially notable because it was immediately discussed in a desperately intense way by various CBC personalities, who wanted to know what it meant for the CBC. This went on for a week. I am not joking. You know, our national broadcaster would be much better if it wasn't so fascinated by itself.

On the YouTube site, this video has been flagged as inappropriate for some viewers. These can only be American viewers - this aired at 8pm on CBC.