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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I need someone to hold my hair while I vomit

Perhaps someone who works for the Paper of Record can explain what the hell Leah McLaren is still doing there. Seriously, the woman's columns are basically parodies now.

In her latest column, Leah gives her lucky readers the following pieces of information:

  • She travels. (Remember?) Usually to exotic places like Croatia, unlike you.
  • She is 32. Not old and saggy-assed like you losers seem to think she is. EARLY THIRTIES.
  • She used to have expensive, brand-name clothing, and she will list all of the brands because it's essential that you comprehend this point. SHE OWNED THEM. Her career is NOT going downhill. She travels and buys expensive things.
  • She has more credit than responsibility. Just in case you didn't catch the earlier point about how much money she has.
  • She looks awesome, even in old jeans and sweaters. (DUH.)
  • She is not fat, she's thin. This point is repeated several times.
  • She is blonde, smug and rich.
I really need someone at the Paper of Record to explain this to me. Why is she taking up space in our national newspaper?


Seriously Frivolous said...

What a colossal waste of time and space! Leah is a waste of skin and a useless human being.
I think I may loathe her more than Icky. There. I said it. Icky is not my number one "journalistic" enemy. Leah McLaren is.
I'll hold back your hair if you hold back mine.

Megan said...

This one's the worst I've seen in a long time: in fact, it's alarmingly Eckleresque. McLaren usually shows at least a tiny bit of self-awareness.

Seriously, I think someone at the Paper of Record needs to explain this. Did I miss a joke?

Editrix said...

So, did you see Icky's contribution to the collapse of Canadian journalism this weekend?

kaylee said...

nice post :)

Megan said...

Editrix: No. Clearly Icky's such a loser that I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you have a link?

Mongoose said...

Wow. She's blonde all right. And it's funny how she's dissing the Sex and the City fans. Like her brand of wasteful shallowness is somehow socially and morally superior to theirs.

She sounds like a stupid C-word.

scribe said...

There's a letter from writer Vanessa Craft on the MND website about how Eckler misrepresented her comments in a "horrifying way" in that absurd piece Eckler wrote in the paper of record about Father's Day. I agree with previous posts about Maclaren--she needs to go. Sounds like the only reason she still has a column is because of her mommy's protection.

editrix said...

Megan and others hypnotized by the trainwreck that is Eckler, I give you:
It's ... breathtaking.