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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, Canada...

UPDATED JUNE 14: The video has been removed from YouTube, but is available at the Paper of Record's website.

My American readers probably don't realise this, but it's been a tough week in Canada.

First, CBC announced that it wasn't able to come to an agreement with the little old lady who wrote the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada. CBC management said there would be a contest to find the new theme song. Yeah, just like Canadian Idol.

Canadians lost their collective minds. You would think someone had burned the flag or something. Well, except that Canadians wouldn't care if anyone burned our flags. This, however, was SERIOUS. People were really upset. They weren't rioting in the streets -- this is still Canada -- but they were calling CBC's Talkback line. You know people are serious when they're calling Talkback.

Then it looked like all might not be lost. CBC management announced that they were willing to mediate the dispute with the little old lady. Canadians breathed deeply and...well, we didn't pray, but we DID rub the Buddhist good-luck charms we keep in our pockets.

At this point I was pretty sure that Tim Hortons or Molson would buy the rights to the song. I was wrong.

CBC's main competitor, CTV, bought the rights. (HAHAHAHAHAHA.) In perpetuity. (HAHAHAHAHA.)

It's all OK: The song's not gone! We can hear it every night on TSN! Plus, now we have yet ANOTHER reason to say that the CBC's out of touch with Canadians!

What a relief. We Canadians have already started to calm down. In fact, we've started to shrug our shoulders again, so clearly we're well on the way back to normal.


Ricki said...

That is too funny! "Strong words from a Canadian." The guy is brilliant.

Jackie S. Quire said...

I thought I was going to die when the hotdog came out...but then the toy gun... and "punching beavers in the faaaace!"

There is no way CTV will ever be able to beat that use of the HNIC song.

No way.

saskboy said...

Please Digg this.
I'd write about it, but my blog is part broken right now I think.
Figures that the rotten Conservatives would bring up their copyright dreck now. Right after the CBC was screwed over for the rights to a song they made famous, and one that Canadians should own, not CTV or CBC. It's 40 years old, copyright should be expired.

Anonymous said...

Darn, The Youtube link isn't working anymore

Megan said...

Sumner Redstone doesn't want anyone to have fun unless it's on HIS terms, I guess.

scribe said...

This story has been getting coverage all over the US, esp. here in the border town of Detroit. Pretty darn hysterical. I mean, the song is awful.