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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The trainwreck

Reader-submitted: This is breathtaking.

OMG. Like STOP PICKING ON A SINGLE MOHTER who is just bringing her kid back from visitation with the non-cutsodial parent. I know words like that now because of her.

I siriusly dont know what you haters hope to accomplish by picking on someone who needs our suport most of all. I have already explained why she is my favourit author and I totally hope she does the nude photo shoot becuase what we all need is to see MORE of her! A person with narcissitisc personality disorder NEEDS to do these things adn we should all support her. Its a DISEASE.

What do you tink she should NOT buy, huh? The 139th stuffie? what is her kid gonna play with? I am gonna get a lawyer and sue you for thraetening the childs happiness. that is NOT called for. And is the kid supposed to NOT eat donuts for breakfast? Happy kids get whatever they want and if it doesn't come in a take out box its way harder for the mom.

I just love the haters. What, you DONT spend money on your kids lunch? Its freaking healthy. And yoga and therapy are important for people who have to deal with assholes like you guys who say they are just wasting there exes hard-earned money. How is she supposed to relax, by actually working? As if.

We all know that she has already written a screenplay becuase of what happened with Judd Apatow, so really the classes are a waste of money. Ill admit that. She already wrote a movie.

You people are jerks. The nanny needed cab fare. and she needed $100 for the kid. Thats how much it costs for a kids lunch and daily toy pruchases. Who else is gonna pay that, the dad? No, she has to EARN that money somehow and get it from publishing screenplays.

And in case you thought she was irresponsible. She GOES GROCERY SHOPPING. She does not just order take out and McDonalds. She is just like me and any attack on my favourte author is an attack on me, so just BACK. OFF.


Ricki said...

Wow. What impressed me most about this was how hard it would be to create all those spelling errors that look real. I'm in awe!

Karen said...

Meg -

I really think we might need to stage an intervention. Enough with the Eckler hate. We get it. She's a waste of ink and paper. You aren't. You're better than this. Stop shooting fish in a barrel and move on. She's sucking all the energy out of you.

scribe said...

Thank you for the links. It proves, yet again, that the editors at Toronto's papers just don't get it. Just like the movie moguls were stunned, STUNNED, that a movie featuring women over age 40 (Sex and the City) could do such big BO, or that women are actually UPSET that a smart woman like Hillary didn't stand a chance because of the male dominated editors who built up Obama. Megan, do you think there are focus groups at the Globe and Nat. Post? Why do they keep printing Leah and Icks? Why?

Jackie S. Quire said...

My favourite parts:

-The limo (cabs are soooo working class, and we KNOW she doesn't WORK so...)

- The 4-year-old who NEEDS to go to the Rainforest Cafe. I remember looking at that place once and thinking it was too $$ for my wallet. Obviously 4-year-olds who don't finish their meals are wiser.

Jackie S. Quire said...

Also: can we discuss the typos in Vanessa's section?

I actually had to stop reading because it was too confusing.

How the HELL is this PUBLISHED?

b*babbler said...

Hey wait - did the fiancé finally lose her?

Megan said...

Yeah, apparently they've made it official.

Anonymous said...

The world has sunk to an all new low. I haven't been following these hack columnists as much as you, but that was horrendous: Ickler's narcissism and Vanessa's 8th grade errors. This just harbors further social stupidity in this world. I curse the day tabloids and columns like that began.

Anonymous said...

One other thing: the nanny only get $12 per hour? For 12-hour days?? That's cheap even by Maine standards. And Ickler makes it sound like she's giving her a million dollars for the taxi fare.

Anonymous said...

I know--$12/hr is nothing for a woman who can bid $10,000 to be put in Margaret Atwood's book.

Saskboy said...

The spelling! The inanity! This was in a supposedly national news paper :-O Don't they hire editors?

And thrift tip for Vanessa - TTC tokens are cheaper, you can buy them in bulk.