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Friday, June 20, 2008


"OK, so here's the concept. There's a girl sleeping, and a creepy guy outside her window videotaping her on his cell phone. He blows smoke on her and sets off the sprinkler in her room, which wakes her up. Here's the best part: She LIKES it! Then the whole thing starts vibrating. Guess what? It's the stalker's MOM!"

"Wow, that's a FABULOUS idea! Stalking is hot, and not illegal at all. You are a genius. We are going to sell a TON of LG phones!"


jen said...

lol that is eww and also slightly boring. I lost interest in like 10 seconds. I'm assuming that commercial will probably never air in North America.

A. said...

I'm vaguely creeped out by the way he runs his fingers over her image in his phone.

Torq said...

Creepy... I guess I have always had the wrong idea about how to approach women. If I had known that they were really into creepy stalker guys, my whole life might have turned out differently! Not better mind you, but different!

Aristotle said that a society exists to promote virtue. What do you suppose that our society is promoting?

Oh, I also noticed that my name was at the top of your comments counter. Don't I get some sort of a prize for that?

Megan said...

Prizes for comments?

Hmmm. Some people DO do that. What kind of prize did you have in mind?

Torq said...

I really would just like a cool party hat!

Oh, I need to talk to you about something and can't seem to get through. I will try to call again in a little bit but give me a ring at some point if you don't hear from me today.