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Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am thinking about changing the way my blog looks. That is Megan-speak for "I am frustrated and tired".

I spent hours mucking around in code, trying to switch to a three-column format. Like this, only with the Anime Sweetheart at the top instead of the red bar:
I figured this would be a better use of space than the current two-column format. You might think this would be easy. You would be wrong. Very wrong. I think I may have developed Tourette's syndrome from the stress.

You can see that there are only two columns here and that it really doesn't look any different than the last time you visited. There is a good reason for this: After hours of stress, I decided to go back to the way things were. Isn't that GREAT? I put in hours of work for absolutely no benefit! What is this, the federal government? And after all of that, the joke was still on me: I lost all of my widgets AND the blog header half of you say I should change. They all had to be put back manually.

I love Wordpress blogs, but I am not keen to spend hours installing updates every few months. Blogger is nice and simple, and I don't have enough patience to muck around in code all the time. I don't even have enough patience to look at much code, which is part of my problem.

I am tempted to just pony up the money to get my blog designed by a real designer. You know, someone who knows what he or she is doing. There is no real reason I haven't done this yet. I can stay with nice, comfortable Blogger AND have a design that suits my needs. It is just a matter of taking the time to do it.

The other problem is that I apparently have no idea who I am. I feel like the site design should be about me, or at the very least make sense with my title. Am I snow-covered hills?
Of course, there's always this reader-submitted photo:
I've been told that the only thing I'd need to do to make this image perfect would be to Photoshop Baywatch over the TV screen.

Speaking of which, there's always our old standby:
But that won't work. I am not nearly hot enough to withstand constant scrutiny, especially not when compared to a man-god like the Hoff.

I admit that I often feel like Townie Bastard's mascot (on the right, under "About Me").

Yeah, I definitely need to suck it up and hire a designer. Any thoughts on what I should tell him or her?


Anonymous said...

Switching to three columns is really easy in Typepad. Does that make you feel any better?

Megan said...

And I just figured out that I ALSO lost my site meter. ARGH. What else has disappeared?

Ricki said...

I am totally envious that you even know HOW to play around with your template. (Why was it that you wanted 3 columns to begin with? (=I mean, is there something wrong with 2?)

I am sooo bad at this. For instance, I had NO IDEA that I'm supposed to be installing updates every few months with Wordpress. Seriously?

About the site: I think you need something "edgy," as they say--something that properly represents your sharp wit and humor. Oh, and the Hoff, if you must.

PS If you find a site designer, would you send me the info on her/him? I'm thinking I need one, too.

PPS I can still see your site meter down at the bottom.

nicole said...

I feel your pain. With my Blog hosted by myself I have some birth pains every time I change the Layout. And more than once I simply switched to the original....
If you don't host your own WP blog you don't have to bother with the updates, they are installed automatically. And they have a gazillion neat Layouts and easy ways to change the,m. Just open up a free blog and check them out. Doesn't cost a thing, no? ;)
Regarding a designer, you might wanna check out antithete, a girl listed in my bloglist - whenever you are in the mood to switch self hosted.

Megan said...

There's nothing wrong with 2 columns, but I feel like the design isn't working for me. I think there are better ways to present all of this information, and I could probably get a design that works well with the rest of the blog. It seems like there's a lot of wasted space.

I love my blog title, but the pre-made snow or winter templates aren't really what I'm looking for. I need to hire someone who can help me.

Megan said...

Grrr. I signed up for Wordpress AND Typepad but am no further ahead. I have some placeholder text on both sites at snowcoveredhills.

I am no happier than I was yesterday afternoon. Neither one appears to be better than what I've got over here. Despite all of the evidence, I seem to have this irrational belief that if I just keep poking at them, I will adore the end result.

Anonymous said...

Another bridesmaid from the Blueberry Princess' wedding is a wonderful professional web developer. She does a fair amount of freelance for friends and new artists. I can e-mail you her address sometime today.

Aaaand I apologize for not doing any work on the banner. This summer turned out to be more busy than I anticipated, especially as my Las Vegas trip grew closer. But I'm back! Here's hoping I caught up on sleep.

Megan said...

Heh, no worries. I think I need an entirely new design, to be honest.