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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Damn your love. Damn your lies.

Reader-submitted complaint: There's not enough videos of Lindsey Buckingham on this site. He is sooooo sexy!

Not ENOUGH videos of Lindsey Buckingham???

Some of my readers are nodding solemnly. Others are wondering who the heck Lindsey Buckingham is. Meanwhile, my dad is wondering how he could have failed so spectacularly.


scribe said...

Notice how they're not looking at each other in this video? Hmmm. He is like a fine wine...Actually they both are.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, my dad is wondering how he could have failed so spectacularly."

I've failed, that is true. I failed by giving the impression that I think this man's music is sub-par, or something. It's not so! I don't have Fleetwood Mac records, but I don't dislike them.
I am very very happy to know that my kids enjoy the old bands, and
I am learning to appreciate Lindsey Buckingham, thanks to you.
Taste in music is mysterious to me. Why does one band thrill me, and another band bore me? I really don't know. I cannot be a music snob; I don't know how.

Your Dad

Megan said...


I think he's great. I always did, but I like him more as time goes on. Scribe is right.

I love the Beatles, too. Unfortunately, they haven't allowed iTunes to distribute their music, so I don't listen to them very often.