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Monday, June 02, 2008

Who who? Who who?

Reader-submitted question: Who are all these readers submitting comments off-blog, anyway? Are they too shy to post their questions in the space actually provided FOR comments?

I'm not sure why, but some of my readers refuse to post comments. In fact, I estimate that only about 5% of my readers ever post in the comments box, and even fewer comment regularly. The others either refuse to talk back to me or prefer to send messages in other ways. This is OK -- it's the reason I posted my e-mail address on my profile page -- but it's not as interesting for the readers, I'll admit.

I think that some people want to know that I'll get back to them right away, so they send e-mails or instant messages. I read every comment and respond directly to many of them, but I don't write back to every commenter. I guess I'm contributing to the problem.

Anonymous commenters, do you want to respond?

Wait. No, you probably don't.


Anonymous said...

haha. I actually assumed that you had, at some time in the past, asked people to mail questions to you. But people just did it??? I'll have to think of one, won't I?

It's funny really the different ways people have of blogging. It's part of what makes it all so much fun.

I like commenting but like you said the other day over at mine, I am sometimes put off commenting on blogs because there are so many comments already, or because I feel everyone is wittier or cleverer than I am - I am also a bit scared of being the first one to comment on a post.

Megan said...

Never fear. I love your comments. Actually, I love ALL of the comments I get, even the complaints.

I have been getting a LOT of questions and complaints lately. They seem to come in waves and are sometimes contradictory. I think it's great that my readers are so diverse.

Well, except for the people who either:
1) thought my photo impression of David Hasselhoff was serious; or
2) keep asking for photos of me in OTHER iconic Hoff poses.

Those guys are just weird. I don't even OWN a Shar-Pei puppy.