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Friday, June 27, 2008

What do you think?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this design. The bits and pieces have not been filled in, but I think you can see how it would all work. You can click on the image to increase its size on your screen.

Do you like the colours? The fonts? The girl? (She needs bangs and blue eyes, but those are minor details.) Should I ask my multi-talented friend Amy to tinker with this design or start over? Do I need something with stronger colours or a tougher image? If you have specific suggestions, we would like to hear them.


Ricki said...

Maybe it's just me, but this feels a little too "frilly" for your onscreen persona. Not that you come across as Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife or anything--but to me, your posts are more about sharp wit and intelligence than sweetness and ruffles (again, not to say your posts aren't sometimes sweet. . . but that's not the overriding effect).

This brings to mind those "Hello, Kitty" dolls/toys a bit too much for my liking. I prefer the feel of your little "Megan" icon (or whatever the proper term is) that's on the right of your current webpage (though I suppose it would be tough to get South Park to okay a banner. . . ).

I'd go for fewer swirls and fewer pastels. . . something a little more "edgy" (if cartoons can be edgy). But this is just a personal taste. If you love it, you should go with it!

Trudie said...

I'm with Ricki on this - too cute, too sugary to fit with the image I have of you as a person with a sharp wit and humour! This design would be more suitable for one of my colleagues who'd like nothing better than hosting her own baking show.
Note: nothing wrong with either the design in itself or wanting to bake for an audience!
You need a banner with more oomph to it!

Torq said...

I don't know... I kinda like it. I'm thinking of it like camo. People arrive and everything looks cute and frilly, then BAMN!!! There is some rabid Eckler hate over here, and BAMN! Naked photos of David Hasselhoff over here! BAMN, I'm not using correct grammar... OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

scribe said...

I like it. We all have many sides to our personalities, and this reflects Megan's "sunny" side. She does appear to be reflecting in the graphic as well. As for the colours, they're beautiful.

Megan said...

Torq: That was what I ultimately decided about the Anime Sweetheart. Someone said she looked like the little girl Will Smith blows away during his training in Men In Black. I like that idea of her: the sweet little girl who rips your face off.

Amy is going to do another version, so you guys can all take a peek and let me know which you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Well to be honest I probably wouldn't notice it if you had changed and not said. But since you have asked - I'm not terribly keen myself. I think it should reflect hills and snow and have a white or blue base and not be so girly.

But Megan, it's your blog so you really must do with it what you want. The design will never stop people reading it. Or it won't stop me anyway. You could have naked men littering the place and I would still come here.

Karen said...

It looks like a Victorian gossip column header (if Victorians had internet access and blogging)

Mongoose said...

It's very cute. And what comes out of very cute girls' mouths is often very not cute, so I don't think it's contrary to your persona at all. :)

Curtis Groom said...

Hello Megan,
Like the site but I am having a similar problem without the smart friend. After a company recently bought the site and then tried to backdate their site to predate my blog I had concerns that I would be hearing from them soon to take my name away, My response was to claim and reclaim some of my rights to the name. However, Its been a lot of years since I took computer science in university and unfortunately we're no longer building the worldwide web and I'm floundering like a caribou in a theme park as to how to design for the web. Have you found any useful sites to assist in website design, I can't even figure out what program I'm suppose to use.
Good Luck, or at least better than mine,