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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can't get away from you, even if I try

Reader-submitted complaint: My roommate says you're just like every other Canadian and totally obsessed with the Hoff. I keep telling her you're different—special—but she doesn't believe me.

Interesting. Is this a Canadian stereotype I wasn't aware of? Something like the urban myth that we all say "aboot"?

Your roommate is afflicted with Humour Impairment. It's OK. This is serious, but much more common than I could have imagined before I started this blog. She needs to work her way up from TV shows with names like Stupid Americans Hurting Themselves. Please warn her to go slowly. I have discussed this matter with legal counsel, and I cannot accept any liability for the strain that could be created when she makes the jump to shows without laugh tracks.

My dry sense of humour is not always appreciated. I am not the driest member of my family -- not by a long shot -- but I post more of it on the Internet than the rest of them do. We express affection by insulting each other.

I think you need to introduce your roommate to someone in my family. That should help. Now, if you could only find one of my brothers...


Ricki said...

Um, excuse me, but I'M a Canadian, and we are NOT all obsessed w/ the Hoff. Leslie Nielsen, yes; but not the Hoff.

(And just who are all these readers submitting comments off-blog, anyway? Are they too shy to post their questions in the space actually provided FOR comments? Sheesh.)

Torq said...

Hang on a second, who do YOU think has the driest sense of humor in the family?

Oh, and Canadians totally DO say ABOOT! :)

Torq said...

*Note the smiley face and extra capitals to help those who might misunderstand*

Megan said...

The Canadian way to determine it would be to ask a tenured university professor to write an op-ed describing the number of people we have each insulted. If no tenured university professors are available, Naomi Klein is an acceptable substitute.

As a true Canadian, I cherish this process, but I am of course open to alternative solutions. Especially if they reflect your distinct cultural heritage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Canadiano - -
I've got a distinct cultural heritage of my own. In my culture (Texas), we settle disputes with our "shock and awe" military.
For some reason, we can't get on your professor's list of treasured cultures. Why is that?

President Bush

Anonymous said...

My roommate watches TV only when she's sick on the couch, which is not often. She's no pop culture specialist, more a politics junkie with only internet sources. (I seem to attract those people.)

"I think you need to introduce your roommate to someone in my family."
Well, Torq is only about two hours away with the Blueberry Princess. This is feasible.

Of course you don't have the driest sense of humor. I do not know your youngest or oldest brothers so well, but I do know Torq is pretty darn dry. He's devious sometimes too. (Torq, when are we—your wife, too—getting together?)

Oh, Ricki, my comment is in the Reader-submitted Hoff post.

Torq said...

*grins* beats me! I understand you might have some free time coming up and the Princess certainly does so something can probably be arranged.

Also, while I am certainly able to see the usefulness of the TV as a device for spreading information, I wouldn't really recommend it to those who are really searching for truth. If you are just interested in political facts, however, it can work just fine!