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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a nice person. I promise.

Reader-submitted question: Do you keep scaring new people, or is it the same person who just can't let go?

You mean the grammar stuff?

I keep scaring people. Family members say they're afraid of me. Strangers say they're afraid of me. Friends say they're afraid of me.

The last reader-submitted item came from a person who is worried that I will savage him if he puts his creative writing online. Only a grammar terrorist would do a thing like that. I should probably take this opportunity to state emphatically that I would never want to stifle creativity and that I really do want to read his stories.


Chad said...

First they came for the writers who used split infinitives, and I stood by and said nothing.....

Just kidding, love you purple skirt!

Anonymous said...

Psst... not sure if you check this one more than the Best NWT Blogs one. I need your phone number for a story I'm writing.
That's my work stuff.

Megan said...

My purple skirt boldly goes where no skirt has gone before.

Anonymous said...

Me again... can you e-mail me with your last name? I am silly and forgot I didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Please call! :-)

Torq said...

Heh, well Meg, you either have a new friend or a stalker.

Unfit Mother said...

I wish you would come grammar police me. Strunk and White don't always cut it =;?}