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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I, who went to sleep as two, woke up as one

Reader-submitted question: Stevie Nicks had an abortion?

I don't know, but, since it's a pretty common procedure, it's not a stretch to think she might have.

Many people think that's what this song is about, but I don't think the lyrics are nearly clear enough to be sure of that. It could also be about a miscarriage, or about the end of a relationship. I am in the "end of a relationship" camp: I think that anyone who's convinced it's about a baby is being entirely too literal.

Thanks for your question.


scribe said...

I don't know about this song, but supposedly "Sara" was the name she gave her aborted fetus and subsequent song after being impregnated by Don Henley. Henley said as much in an interview with former MTV veejay Chris Connelly that was published in the early 90s in GQ mag. I knew Chris many moons ago and he said Henley and Nicks had a 2-yr affair and he was building a house for her, hence the lyrics.

scribe said...

Appropos of nothing, how did the term "rock groups" morph into "bands?" My kids laugh at me whenever I refer to, say, Fleetwood Mac as a group.

Megan said...

I wasn't aware that there had been a change. I would think that either "group" or "band" could be used to describe them.

I am a bit conservative with the word "band": I refuse to use it to describe singing groups like, say, the Spice Girls. However, I think you could safely call Fleetwood Mac a band.

Anonymous said...

It's about Lindsey.