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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Greetings, weirdos

Recent first-time readers have come here using the following search terms:

  • peeing in public
  • Various words about a narcissistic Canadian author
  • The Capitalist's full name
  • Stevie Nicks abortion date
  • what would happen if the seal hunt shut down
  • drag queen music
  • reflection of snow of absorption of the ground
  • cbc seven wonders of Canada
  • iqaluit prostitutes (I have no idea why I keep getting this one)
  • how to apologize like a canadian
  • seal hunt newfoundland perspective
  • rick mercer AND Jon Stewart
I'm sure that most of these people are very disappointed when they get here.

Iqaluit readers: Do you have any idea why there is such a fascination with prostitutes from your town? Do you even HAVE prostitutes?


Anonymous said...

I removed the search engine indexing thing from my blog and I do rather miss all those weird search terms that draw people to a blog. Most of my weird ones related to dog poo after I wrote a post vaguely related to that subject.

Anonymous said...

Stevie Nicks had an abortion?

Nicole said...

"Stevie Nicks abortion date" and apologizing like a Canadian?
The are hilarious again :)
I didn't know Canadians apologize different :D

Megan said...

About a year ago, I provided a how-to guide for people who want to learn how to apologise like a Canadian. I'm glad to see that it's getting some use, but I don't know why it's coming up now!

Indigo said...

The north has many "porch cousins" "homeless people" "shift sleepers" and many, many women (and some men) who regularly trade sex for groceries, money, food, booze, pampers. Reality check. Not pretty but very true.