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Sunday, May 04, 2008

This one's for the fetishists

I know the quality is terrible, but I love this video because of:

  1. The look of pure hatred Stevie Nicks keeps flashing at Lindsey Buckingham.
  2. The way she spits out her words as she sings backup on a nasty breakup song about herself.
  3. The fact that he's ignoring her as she glares at him.
  4. Stevie's stupid tambourine. Is it just me, or does she appear to be waving it at Lindsey's head?
  5. The fact that the other musicians seem to be enjoying the entire situation.
  6. Lindsey's tendency to run away from the microphone and play his guitar at the drum set instead. (Thirty years later, he still does this.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, wherever did you find this? I still think Stevie and Lyndsay belong together. Along those lines, am I the only one upset that Ryan Reynolds is marrying that beeetch Scarlet rather than the lovely and intuitive Alanis? I get the feeling he broke her heart too. What a business.

Anonymous said...

It's an awesome video.