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Monday, May 05, 2008

My readers start to make suggestions about the blog header

Reader-submitted question: How about this? See the snow-covered hills?

Well, yes. But somehow I don't think that will work. She's got green eyes. Otherwise, she would already be up there.

Man, this is hard! Who am I, anyway? And what single image could represent this blog? I like the Anime Sweetheart more than the plain text that was up there before, though. I am going to keep it for now.

I have a few readers who are graphic designers, so I'll throw this out there: If you have ideas about what the header should be like, please let me know. I would be willing to pay for the right image.


nicole said...

Just edit the eye color - this one's perfect (at least for the ones who remember the 'hoff :) )

Megan said...

That's right! I just need to Photoshop Baywatch over the TV!