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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"I'm not obsessed"

Reader-submitted: I'd be entertained if you were inspired to write about this clip of Rebecca Eckler, but don't mention me.

OMG like What. Ever I am not just here for your amusement. Plus, she is like an amazing star and I am totally jelous. Not only is she on TV talking about what a great mom she is, she is also in the Paper of Reocrd because she needs presents on Mothers Day. I mean really she should NOT have to ask for spa days because she is so naturally relaxed and pretty, but like how dare everyone say she is a spioled brat for telling her ex-finance that he has to buy her stuff. I mean she had to schedule the Csection and everything and then sometimes tell the nanny what brand of formula to buy and even sometimes watch the nanay change diappers or feed the baby when she was not having an emotional vacation for months at a time because of the huge stress of having a baby and getting fat! That is so deserving of a present. So like how dare they. And child support payments dont go to far when she has to pay for lawyers to sue that stupid book stealer Judd Apatow who TOTALLY stole her idea about getting pregant by accident. You go girl. Like where is she supposed to get stuff if people dont buy it for her? and if people don't want to buy her stuff how is she supposed to react.

She is definately my favourite author and I could only hope to be freinds with someone like her who really wants to be freinds with celebraties like Brad and Angelina and follow them around like a real investagative journalist. The best part of her new book is that it is just as simple to read as Us Weekly. That is a real selling feature for yummy mummies like me because lets face it, we do not have time to read. We spend our time needing to be really patient and that is another reason I am jelous of her because she is so patient all the time even when her daughter says she is using the mean mommy voice. and another thing. Other mommies are way to overprotective of their kids. I mean if your kids don't go to school and daycare when theyre sick, when are you supposed to shop? It is like they don't thing these things through.

I think its awesome that she reprisents young Canadian moms because that would mean that I was just like her! I love the haters, I just love them because did you see her stories about them? HAHAHAHA it was so awesome for her to finally get back at them. I mean she doesnt care about them at all. Like she really doesnt care, so lay off, haters. She will allways get the last laugh so dont waste your time being super-jelous. I mean SOME jelousy is normal, like what I have where I want to be her freind and meet her and sometimes maybe get a 'you rock!' on her super-cool blog and THAT is normal but the stalkers are scary and really need to get a life. I mean do they not see that she purposely creates a narcissistic persona to sell more stories? She gets the last laugh! Carry on!


Anonymous said...

No comment needed. This sums up the wench completely.

Anonymous said...

I had never seen her before. Her cheekbones look obviously surgical. It would be no wonder if she paid the plastic surgeon to make them obvious so they'd scream, "I can afford frivolous cosmetic surgery and I'm shallow enough to do it!"

I love how she criticized Katie Holmes for wearing silk pants for an "obvious photo op" and there she was putting on her Awesome Mommy show. At first her daughter looked genuinely bored, but then I realized she was putting on a show for her own personal attention, just like her mom.

And, God, those stupid pet names. Apparently she's on nickname basis with Courtney Cox? Co Co?? Ugh, she talks to her daughter likes she's a puppy. Four-year-olds are so much more intelligent than that and they're NOT toddlers anymore either.

scribe said...

I don't like criticizing a child, but there was something so disturbing about that video. Rowan acted half her age, and the fact that Eckler insisted on keeping here there throughout the "interview" was just plain sick. God I hate her, but I hate the media more for continuing to print and tape the thoughts of a clearly depraved madwoman.

Gifted Typist said...

If this is the poster child for Canadian motherhood and Canadian non-fiction narrative publishing, then Canada richly deserves its international reputation as boring and banal nation.

jenny m. said...

Was the interview with her really 13 minutes long? I had to turn it off after only a few minutes because she was so irritating. What could she possibly say to fill up all that time?

Very entertaining post though.

Anonymous said...

It was just under 10 minutes long. And she filled it with, like, mommy awesomeness.

Cindy said...

All I have to say is rowan is playing with a shiny new Happy Meal toy.

I thought she wouldn't want her eating anything that wouldn't encourage waifness.

A. said...

Do you know what? I'd honestly pushed her to the back of my mind and under a homemade macaroni and cheese recipe. I would have forgotten about her completely, if not for my little visit here.

I happened to see "her" (because, really, it's a collection of stories sent in by readers, right? She didn't write it) new book in a local Coles. Her photo on the back is dreadful. I'd hate if I looked that unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Canada will never be respected as a powerhouse if Eckler continues to be published. Clearly the U.S. has bad writers, but because they are such a huge country they have so many great writers to balance the scale. The literary world in Canada is a laughingstock. That Apatow lawsuit proved it. Globe and Mail, you should hire Megan. If you're reading.