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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

I don't know if any of my readers other than my parents and the Capitalist will know what this is. (Philosopher King?)

My son is now asking for his very own iPod, but when I was his age, we listened to records on my parents' turntable. We LOVED Pete Seeger, and this song was one of our favourites. I am still partial to Sam The Whaler and Sweepy Sweepy Sweepy, but when I pass my iPod on to Michael, I will make sure that Abiyoyo's on it.


Torq said...

Wow... now that is a memory!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet....
Sam the Whaler was on the flip side.
Then, of course, we had Captain's Kangaroo's "Just So Stories." You didn't watch television, but you didn't seem to miss it. And of course, your mother read you books and books and books. And when it was time for bed, the Old Man dug out the Bible, and you heard the exploits of Moses and David and Deborah.
It was a wonderful time of our life. This video is a vivid reminder. Thank-you, Megan!

Torq said...

I seem to remember the story about how the elephant got his nose the best for some reason!

Megan said...

How did the elephant get his nose? I only remember how the kangaroo got his legs: they got longer and stronger because a wolf chased him around the world.