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Monday, December 17, 2007

And we don't mean the cube


Anonymous said...

Steve, your rubrics are awesome! Give us more videos, please! (Do a video without that ditzy blonde sidekick - - she doesn't know anything about rubrics.)

Megan said...

Thanks a lot, Dad.

Anonymous said...

I'm not your Dad! I'm anonymous! (Just because I know the rubrics, that doesn't give you the right to out me.)

Megan said...

It wasn't the rubrics, it was the use of a dash rather than a hyphen. You'll recall that I am trained in investigative-journalism techniques.

Anonymous said...

Steve, all we said was that we know what a rubric is, not that they're as exciting as, say, ice cream or hula-hoops. For now, I have to table MacIntyre's masterpiece while I read other riveting manuscripts for my graduate degree.

Princess, are you this wild about rubrics too? Am I headed into hedonistic territory of teachers with their rubrics?