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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I figured it would come to this

In solidarity with Steve, I am wearing my wife-beater shirt.


Anonymous said...

Organization and clarity of subject. Does Megan express a clear thesis at the beginning of her videos? Does she present her ideas in an organized manner? Does she stay on topic?

Torq said...


Megan said...

Matt, should I assume from your message that using Miss Lyndsy's proposed rubric would result in a poor assessment?

Anonymous said...

I used to this guy was wonderful - - after all, he used rubrics. Unfortunately, he obviously doesn't know that the singular form of the word "criteria" is criterion. Why is he allowed to apply assessment rubrics to our children?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say: I used to THINK this guy was wonderful...

I am deeply disappointed that Little Miss Know-It-All allows this kind of foul grammar in her family. Young lady: you are asleep at the wheel!

Concerned in Cincinati

Megan said...

I'm willing to let some sloppiness slide. Vlogs are harder than they look, and most people don't use perfect grammar when they speak. They stop...grasp around for words...and grab the wrong one. Totally normal. I do it myself, as you can see in this video.

Now, if Steve had been reading from a prepared script that included this sort of error, the gloves would be off. Speaking of which: where's "Cincinati"? Or has Cin gone undercover?

Anonymous said...

I don't know where "Cincinati" is, but "Cincinnati" is a city in Ohio.

Apparently Mr./Mrs. Concerned doesn't believe in double consonants.