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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An emergency message from Princess Janet

Mommy, I miss you very much. Before you go to bed, please can I watch a movie with you? I'll ask Daniel, and if he says no, I'll just watch a movie of my own.

Uncle Mel, why do you call me your princess? And why do you call Daniel Superman? It's so weird and so funny that I want you to come tomorrow or today.

I want you to buy me an iPod and a telephone and five or seven or eight or nine and I promise I'll take care of it and I'll never be that little mask but I want Santa to come right now and I hope the elves have real magic powers and that's it.

Why does Michael keep the stuff in his room? Maybe because he wants to keep it there and maybe sometimes it spills. And some people wear the same shirt and some people don't do what they're asked to do.


Karan said...

Oh Megan! I cannot thank you enough for taking care of the kids today and then to find this . . . It warmed my heart and gave me a good laugh.


Megan said...

This was dictated rather solemnly, and I was instructed to write down EVERY SINGLE WORD.

She may be ready for her own blog.