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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The sea that divides us is a temporary one

Reader-submitted complaint: Steve, you have issues, dude. First, you sound like a YK1 "yes man". Can anyone say "band wagon"!!! Second, you are boring me to tears! Third, I want to hear more from Megan. She is realistic and fun!!! Finally, is that a wife beater you are wearing?

Well, now THIS is a refreshing perspective on authentic rubrics. Where have you been, dear reader? You sound like you're a person I'd like to hang out with. Do you like Irish Cream truffles? I'm not above bribing people with chocolate. I also make biscotti, if that helps.

I should mention that someone calling him/herself "edufairy" contacted me with this message: "Well, Meg, I appreciate your frustration...but I totally get Steve! This is ST..R...O...N...G.. stuff. So, on an authentic assessment rubric, I give Steve a "Wow"."

I was not aware that Steve had officially started to call himself "edufairy", but I suppose it was going to happen eventually.

Yes, dear reader, you are correct. I am realistic and fun, and Steve is on a bandwagon. Specifically, he is on the bus. He's moving forward, and there are panic buttons going off everywhere. He spends his days strategizing about authenticity. Some people talk the talk, but Steve is walking the walk. You probably had no idea how important he is.

And yes, that is a wife-beater shirt. Steve has them in a variety of colours:

There's nothing I can do about this, but maybe you can change his mind. I think he is trying to increase our YouTube channel's street cred.


The Capitalist said...

Hey now, don't be dissin' the wife-beater... It goes pretty well with the new haircut!

Torq said...

Hey, you gots ta keep it real. From da STREETS Yo! From da street.

Karen said...

That the shirt goes so well with the hair is all the comment one needs to make, really. About both.