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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa has been to our house

Michael was afraid he might not come. I probably contributed to this by saying things like If you get a present, you can open it on Christmas morning. (HA HA! Wasn't that a HILARIOUS joke?)

Presents have been arriving at the house for the last couple of weeks, but we decided to keep them hidden so there could be a "big reveal" on Christmas morning. We thought they might drive him crazy with excitement if they were all under the tree. This contributed to his concern: there were presents under Daniel's tree and under Maggie's tree, but not under ours.

By yesterday, he was very worried that he had somehow ended up on the naughty list. He thought for a while and told me that he was pretty sure he was the nicest kid in his class, or at least one of the nice ones. Also, Santa had come every other year. I told him that he was a very, very good boy and that Santa would definitely be coming.

We spent most of last night with friends and got home around ten. Michael was very excited, but determined not to do anything that might make Santa skip our house. He reviewed the rules:

  1. Santa comes to good boys' houses.
  2. Santa comes at midnight.
  3. Santa only comes if everyone is asleep.
  4. It helps if you leave some milk and cookies.
He dutifully arranged cookies on a plate next to his letter to Santa: "Dear Santa, Mary Christmas. Love Michael." (No requests for presents.) Milk was poured and pajamas were put on, and then we went to bed.

But wait! Other people in the house were still awake! He was NOT going to let the rest of us blow this for him. We solemnly promised that we would be asleep long before the designated hour, so he rolled over and fell asleep.

In the morning...