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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The expression every gift giver is hoping for

We love you, Capitalist.


Anonymous said...

Wow, based on his comments I thought he was an older guy, but he's really quite a handsome young man. And his arm is HUGE, but I don't even think he's flexing. Impressive!

An Old Friend said...

Wow, is that a little 'gut-flab' I see around his mid-rift? Oh dear me, I hope he cuts back on the overeating. I do feel bad for him.


An Old Friend said...

I forgot to mention. I had the same problem as you until I went to Jenny Craig (1-800-96-JENNY). You SHOULD give it a try, or at least something to loose that flab.


curious said...

Is that a wedding picture I see in the background?

an old friend said...

curious, Sorry honey, but that IS a pic of an iceberg or something white in color. A HOT guy like that wouldn't keep a wedding picture on his wall. Also, anyone interested in SNL and more specifically Sandler, HAS to be single!


Megan said...

Hold on a minute: I watch SNL, and I've liked Sandler since I was 13. If we're measuring current appreciation for Sandler, Spade & Farley, though, the capitalist has me beat.