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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A true Christmas miracle

You will NOT believe it.

Alex has been to our house, and he brought his little brother. Yes, the same Alex who moved to BC last spring.

I was skeptical, too, until Michael showed me the proof. You see, Michael's room is a disaster area. There is no way one boy could have messed it up all by himself, especially a boy who is as sick as Michael is today. Hear that coughing? That's forensic proof.

Alex has been here with Isaac, who is a baby, not a big boy like Michael. In contrast to Michael , who always (always!) puts things away, Isaac has been known to leave books on the floor. Since there are now books on the floor, the evidence is all pointing in one direction.

In the alternative, if I decide that Alex and Isaac have not been here, the real fault should lie with Santa, not with Michael. The toys would not even be there if Santa hadn't brought them. Michael doesn't buy toys! The person who put the toys in Michael's room should bear some responsibility for the mess.

I don't know how you stay-at-home parents do it.


Cin said...

Alex confirms his presence in the room, but denies Isaac involvement. You see, Alex is a superhero and can fly in his super cape, which Isaac cannot. (Although Isaac was yelling, "yes I can, Awex!" as Alex explained this to me.

In any case, Alex apologizes for the mess but he was looking for a toy he is sure he left in Michael's room before the move. Wait for it: a Lego block.

If you find it, please let him know, Michael.

Oh, and Isaac wants you to know he is three now and not a baby. After all, he no longer wears diapers and pooped on the big toilet today.