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Friday, August 08, 2008

This made me laugh

From the comments at Friendly Atheist:

How many atheists does it take to tell a joke?


  • 4 to tell the joke.
  • 12 to wonder if joke-telling sends the “wrong message” to the religious majority.
  • 7 to argue back and forth about why humour is or is not an appropriate mind-changing tool.
  • 3 to sternly suggest that religion is NOT a laughing matter.
  • 4 to self-righteously assert that children NOT be let in on the joke. Because that is child abuse.
  • 2 to intone darkly about how this “doesn’t reflect well” on atheists.
  • 1 to imagine that the joke actually will metamorphose into the thing being parodied, and that atheism will then make a religion of itself, with all the same trappings, robes, songs and candle-lighting.