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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grumpy Old Complaint

Reader-submitted complaint: Oh yeah -- I bet Mr Harper is a real GROOVE MACHINE!

This is in response to my observation that the people at Bill Clinton's inauguration "party", if you can call it that, were losers who could not dance or even clap on beat.

The Forces of Evil still have me under surveillance, so I will say that I am sure that federal cabinet ministers are excellent dancers. In fact, I just met one last week. The attorney general did not bust a move, but he did make his feelings about the former Liberal government perfectly clear. Ask him about crime, and he'll mention the last government. Ask him about gangs, and I'm sure the Liberals will come up somehow. Odd. You don't suppose there will be an election soon?

Also, he had a nice suit. I bet he's a great dancer, because Justin Timberlake usually wears nice suits. I'm also sure he would never pick a song about divorce as his campaign theme song. He's much smarter than that. That would lead to the sort of degeneracy that we are still trying to recover from after years of Liberal rule. The damage will take years to recover from, and a strong hand will be needed. At this point, we cannot afford to lose sight of our goals. We are the ONLY ones who really appreciate the value of a good campaign theme song, and it's a constant struggle. The other parties would probably have "Let's Get It On" as THEIR theme songs. That's why we have to be strong. These things are too important to let slide after we've worked so hard TOGETHER AS A COUNTRY. That's what really matters to Canadians.

Americans: This is Prime Minister Harper:


Way Way Up said...

Very apropos that this post involves politics. Am I correct in stating that the NWT, like Nunavut, does not have political parties at the territorial level? Or have things changed since I lived there?

The Blueberry Princess said...

Umm, wait. Isn't the idea to clap off beat? I actually give a lesson every trimester on how to clap off beat so that my students won't look like idiots. Now, clapping on every beat (like many people in the Clinton video were doing) is also NOT okay, but it's still better than clapping on the "on" beats. Good clapping: one TWO three FOUR. Bad clapping: ONE TWO THREE FOUR. Really bad clapping: ONE two THREE four. Is it different in Canada?

Megan said...

I only ask that they hit the beats. I just rewatched that video. Man, it's painful for so many reasons.

scribe said...

I laughed through this whole video--it was so bad it was good. Can you imagine my prez doing a segment like this, with, say, Stephen Colbert? LOL. Would never happen!