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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy birthday, Ben


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

Mom and Dad

Megan: would it spoil everything to explain the connection between the video and your brother?


Anonymous said...

OK Meg, I spoke too quickly (before the end of the video, which goes beyond the overture): "It's a Boy..." I get it!


Megan said...

When Ben was Michael's age, this was his favourite song. I had "Tommy" on CD, and he used to listen to it all the time, but he'd shut the CD player off at the end of the overture.

I bet the Capitalist and Philosopher King will remember this.

Anonymous said...

Ben preferred music without words, so I'm not surprised to learn that he preferred the overture to the rest of "Tommy".

Now is an appropriate time for some amateur psychoanalysis: why did Ben prefer music without words?


Torq said...

Obviously because he is less intelligent than the rest of us! Words are like LIFE... MAN. I'm just so... unable... to explain that to you right now... man...

Of course I remember this. I still think that's a great album!

Megan said...

I vote "less intelligent". And I think we can outvote him.

Ben Holsapple said...

Thanks Megan! I remember this...and I kinda do still prefer music without words, although now this manifests itself as a tendency to simply not listen to lyrics.

I'd say my level of thinking simply transcends such mundane means of expression as words.

I wouldn't expect you to understand.