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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maybe your attention was more than you could do

Reader-submitted question: Why would you be so mean to that guy?

Mrs. Bell? Is that you?

Zach WANTED me to be mean to him. He said that he doesn't get rude comments about his blog. He wanted to get a message like the one I got from the PETA weirdo from Singapore. Did you miss that part of the post?

It's OK. You're not alone: A lot of my regular readers have Humour Impairment, too. In fact, we may have enough of you now to form a support group. Perhaps I can put you in touch with the reader who complained that I do not use smileys often enough.


Zach Bell said...

Yeah! Why you so mean huh? I cried into my pillow at night and then I took out all of my emotional frustration on the kids. Of course me and them get along well so now they understand that they're supposed to save their rage and retribution for some blogger from the frozen wasteland of "northern" Canada.

Still...It hurt. *sniffle*