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Monday, August 18, 2008


Thank You For Visiting Of The David Hasselhoff Club Of America [DHCA]! Dedicated to bringing you everything David Hasselhoff since June 1, 2000. A comprehensive website and fan club; download the largest selection of exclusives, photos, multimedia, articles, icons, links, plus much more.  The main page is updated daily with the latest news and updates. Enjoy interviews, current contests, and features. Thank you very much for visiting and please enjoy your stay online!

Reader-submitted question:
Have you seen this?

Well, yes. This is THE PLACE to buy official merchandise like his autobiography (Don't Hassel The Hoff) or join HoffSpace, the social networking site. Perhaps I should put a permanent link on my blog, just so you can all get there every day.

However, I would not want to restrict you to one website. (As if David's manliness could ever be contained on one page!) I also recommend:

The Official David Hasselhoff House of Worship: This site includes a downloadable paper airplane, greeting cards, and the ever-popular Ask David feature.

The Hoff-Cam: It seems that this is David's official site, where you can follow his "apperances".

A God Among Men: Naturally.

David on Twitter

Every day, I get a ton of visits from people searching Google Images for photos of David. I always wonder what they think of me.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

well I don't search for pictures of David, but I do visit your site and I think you are super nuts!! hehe

Anonymous said...

It's amazing cos whenever I hear his name mentioned - and I never used to but I hear it all the time now - I think of you with a wry smile. Odd cos I don't even know you.

Attraction is a funny thing though - cos I have stared and stared at your photos of the HOf and I just don't get it! Just can't see the appeal. So strange how we all see people in different ways, find different things. I even tried turning my computer screen the wrong way round but that didn't help either!!

Do you follow him on Twitter then???

Hope you are OK.

Megan said...

RB: No, no. You turn the HOFF around. That should help. :)