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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


dear evreone

ther is alot of peple who smok but i hope that thay no to not to

frum michael


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael, for a great idea for a rant. (Not that it hasn't all been said before.) I'm with you that people should know better. It's a disgusting habit that leaves a lot to be questioned about a smoker's intelligence.

Of course, I intend to include a wonderful rant about tobacco products and the people who buy them in my novel...if I ever really start it.

Torq said...

As someone who smokes I would respond to Miss Lyndy's insults, directed at me personally no doubt, but for the fact that Michael voiced the opinion first!

Michael said...

Uncle Matt is a tricky guy. He doesn't really smoke.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chad's parents both smoke. I like them. But I still stand by my statement.