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Sunday, March 11, 2007


I love reality TV.

Fine, go ahead and judge me.

I'm no fan of most of the crap they call "reality television" -- I'm thinking here of the Who's Your Daddy? or Locked In a Box for Five Days sort of thing. (I've made up these show titles. They don't really exist. At least I hope they don't exist.) But I adore the strategy of Survivor, and The Amazing Race is one of the few shows we actually watch these days.

And I knew today was coming. The day when my favourite team would be eliminated from the race.

Fine, go ahead and judge me again. I've loved these guys since they first formed their unholy union on Survivor: All-Stars. I even watched their wedding on TV (a guilty pleasure indeed). Now, I understand why people hate them. After all, they are media whores. (Welcome back, Technorati users. This is not a blog about prostitution.) But they were fun to watch. I cheered for them all the way through their first run on The Amazing Race, and I was thrilled when I found out they'd be back for All-Stars.

But this time was different. You see, I know who wins. I knew when Rob and Amber were going to be eliminated. Last time, there was a decent chance they would win the whole thing (they ended up coming in second). This time, I knew they were going tonight. Yeah, this sucks.


Tamie said...

I totally agree it sucks they are do you know who wins? I don't want to know who wins and please don't give me any hints as to who it is..but how do you know?

Steve & Megan said...

Oh, I know. And I am not happy about it.