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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dear Blueberry Princess,

The Sock Bandit and I went shopping to find clothes for your wedding. If it's OK with you, this is what we plan to wear. I am not wearing black because I think it's a funeral: I am wearing black because I like this dress. If you think I should find another dress, I'll go find one.

We think this purple wrap might be the same colour as your bridesmaids' dresses. Did we get it right? Mom wants to blend in with the wedding party.

This is just a better shot of the dress without the gold wrap. Flowers are happy, right?

I put the purse down when these pictures were taken (yes, I am THAT dumb) so we got a shot of it all by itself.

What do you think, Princess?


The Blueberry Princess said...

You both look beautiful! It's hard to tell if the wrap is the same color as the bridesmaids' dresses, but I think it's close. Bobbi, you will definitely fit in! Love the shoes!

I once had to play the piano at a wedding right after I was supposed to sing at a funeral. I wore a black dress with flowers on it, and it worked fine. There are some weddings where all of the guests are asked to wear black, but I guess I'm just not that cool.

You both look great! I will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

In the picture with the clutch purse: I love the flowers on your scarf—very rich.

Woo! Excited!!

Steve & Megan said...

Yeah, I kind of went nuts when I saw it -- I was looking for something flowery in the same tarnished gold as the flowers on the black dress. That way, it's not quite so dark. I can't shake the feeling that you're not supposed to wear black to a wedding, so I keep adding cheerful accessories. The philosopher king's first reaction when I asked about the dress was "no". He is a traditionalist, like me. Fortunately, the Princess is in charge of the wedding.

Glen/Sally, is this ensemble OK?

Anonymous said...

I always thought black was bad at weddings too, but learned in the last few years that it has become more acceptable. It has also become more acceptable to wear brighter colors to funerals, but that, I think, is entirely up to the family of the deceased. I've even heard of some funerals in which the dress code was Hawaiian shirts in celebration of life rather than death.